London Dada Work No. 512; They who have seen the light VI – Codger in Corduroy

*Image & post reinstated 2017

Codger in Corduroy

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

We continue on with our ” They Who Have Seen the Light ” series.
Celebrating diversity and eccentricity of attire in public

This particular gentleman was color-coded down to designer glasses, shoes
and the bagel he was munching while waiting… but corduroy? In 2011?
Yet if he lives long enough and the adage is valid, he will stick around long
enough for this 1970s secondary school teacher fashion crime to return again.
( can’t wait ! – ed )




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10 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 512; They who have seen the light VI – Codger in Corduroy

  1. On the positive side, Brianna took notice of the cheerful carrier bags. Also, he seems to have a jammy do’nut rather than a bagel – so there’s a little blob of red in there somewhere.
    No, I can’t see MSM in a beige vee necked cardi, beige cords, beige sports jacket with reinforced elbows. Nah!
    A xx


  2. I had an art teacher who was very fond of wearing a brown corduroy jacket, he once went out of a lesson for a crafty fag and 5 minutes after he came back smoke started to pour out of his pocket!—-yes, you’ve guessed it he must have put the fag end, still lit in the pocket! Pity it hadn’t reduced the jacket to a pile of ash.

    I’m still dining out on that story after all these years :))


  3. What a shame he probably thinks he looks quite trendy! Good job he’s not standing any nearer to the brick pillar or we wouldn’t be able to see him!

    Perhaps he has dementia and doesn’t realise that it is 2011, still he has made some effort and is sporting colourful carrier bags 😀

    Nothing wrong with charity shops by the way, i have been known to frequent them on a regular basis in the search for a ‘bargain’. There are some excellent ones in the town where you were born, quality clothes as well but of course it is a well heeled town :))


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