Richard Hamilton, protest artist, 1922 -2011

Dubbed the “father of Pop Art”,  English artist Richard Hamilton who died in Oxfordshire this week aged 89.

Towards a definitive statement on the coming trends in mens’ wear and accessories” ( mixed media, 1962 )

Apart from renown works perceptively, if somewhat sardonically, delivering social commentary on his times,
Richard deserved great credit for his brave Dada-like spirit and stance in incorporating morally-motivated political
protest into several of his major works, despite their probably having had a career-limiting effect; notably;

16460w_thatcher richardhamiltonprotestpicturestreatmentroom
The Treatment Room ( 1983-84 )
(  Depicting Margaret Thatcher’s brainwashing of a nation )

… and
blair richard-hamilton
Blair, mid-2000s – the image gun-slings for itself.

* Interestingly, In the early 1960s Hamilton received a grant from the Arts Council to investigate the condition of the Dadaist
Kurt Schwitters ‘Merzbau’ ( Merz Barn ) near Elterwater, Great Langdale Cumbria. The research eventually resulted in Hamilton organising the preservation of the work by relocating it to the Hatton Gallery in the Newcastle University.

Three essentials encapsulating the spirit of Dada, the ” Three P’s “..
Perception, Protest and Play.

M St.M

Wikipedia link to Richard Hamilton’s complete biography;


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A LondonDada protest work;

” Look.   … “
( jaundiced with blood on hands )
c. Michael St.Mark

London Dada work 463; Blair at the Iraq enquiry, January 2011

(  Tonally-adjusted TV screenshot.
Inkjet print assemblage, hand-finished in acrylic.
20″ X 16″ )

Link to London Dada vs. Wolff Olins Olympic logo litigation.

5 thoughts on “Richard Hamilton, protest artist, 1922 -2011

    • It’s NE to the Hatton in Newcastle to see the re-housed interior ( or what could be salvaged and/or reconstructed in the 1960s onwards )….and its NW young man to see the shell of the Barn itself, also partially re-built but containing interesting Schwitters relics, documents etc. And if you time it right, a good night out at one of the many events the Cylinder Estate trustees throw in Kurt’s honour, often featuring various artists.


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