London Dada work 546; Supermarket Juxtaposition, Installation no 4; Princess Peppa’s Parents

Princess Peppa’s Parents
– Temporary Juxtaposition INstallation no 4 – Sainsburys, Tower Hamlets, 4th Nov 2011
( Childrens’ toy pig-based playset set into pork meat fridge section. Two-image work documenting the installation )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011. Titled by Dingo.

( Click to enlarge the images.)

The work determines to highlight the grim plight of factory-farmed animals, in stark contrast with
the  innocent image of farming and of animals imputed into children via toys and games.

Presented in twin image photo print format;

In what we believe to be the first works in a new genre within Installation Art;
deliberately selected items from separate product aisles within a large
public retail environment are brought together and juxtaposed so as to create
surprise thought-provoking dichotomies in the minds of unsuspecting
passing shoppers, and in so doing breaking down preconceptions from
advertising or brand image; revealing certain uncomfortable – or humorous – realities


3 thoughts on “London Dada work 546; Supermarket Juxtaposition, Installation no 4; Princess Peppa’s Parents

  1. Definately makes you think this one.

    I had a sudden image of innocent young piglets suckling on their mother unaware of the fate that awaits them. How many people would stand looking in at them and say ‘Awwwww, aren’t they lovely’ then pop off home for a bacon sandwich!—-and i’m guilty i’m sorry to say.

    Children of course are force fed the lovely fluffy image of farms and farm animals, farmer Giles on his tractor—-but not shown taking the animals to be slaughtered!

    I really must stop eating meat.


    • It’s a sacrifice, because most of us actually enjoy the taste of pork, beef, chicken etc.
      But without some sacrifice based on genuinely held moral convictions, life becomes a free-for-all where no one cares about, or wants to do anything for, anyone or any other living being, no matter what their suffering may be.
      Personally, I can somehow mentally summon a “no” to that delicious chicken curry on show at Waitrose. I just envisage the life of caged-up hell the bird had to endure… and walk on by.
      You dont have to give up meat – just don’t buy any 🙂


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