London Dada Work No. 557; The Unknowable

The Unknowable
Michael St.Mark 2011

Concrete work, two identical closely facing parallel mirrors.

Related London Dada work ( 8 )  from Sept. 2005, ” Voyage to Infinity”

6 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 557; The Unknowable

  1. I like the fact that even though the mirrors are identical one appears larger than the other due to the angle the photograph has been taken.

    I wonder if this reflects the fact that even though many ‘twins’ are identical in looks one is often a more dominant character?

    OR—as nothing would show up when 2 mirrors are facing each other this would have the same effect if 2 vampires were looking in identical mirrors at the same time :)) [wacky eh!!]


    • Yes its a curious trick of perspective, and exaggerated by the wide angle camera lens, that even though the two are identical you would swear the nearer mirror is the larger.
      Hmm, vampires and mirrors – didn’t think of that disappearing trick!

      What intrigued about this simple set-up is the impossibility of being able to view the complete picture of what is happening to light between the two mirrors. If a peep hole were to be drilled through to the back of one, it would interfere with the whole picture and in any case give a limited view – so although in theory we know what is there, in practice no one will ever be able to see entirely what each of the mirrors ” know ” and the secret they are constantly reflecting between them.


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