Work 473, Skip Vomit Merz

Skip Vomit Merz origin.

SVM triptych
Skip Vomit Merz ( Triptych )
Arrangement by Michael St. Mark c. 2011

‘ Cast-offs from the cast-offs – the purity of rejected objects utterly divorced from their original human intention and design ‘

( Progressively tonally enhanced images,  after Kurt Schwitter’s Merz  dAdA )

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Link to KS..

3 thoughts on “Work 473, Skip Vomit Merz

  1. I definately prefer the look of this ‘vomit’ to the real stuff 😀 Triptychs are very effective aren’t they, i bet they look great, in a blown up size, on a lounge wall, a never ending source of entertainment checking out the bits of ‘vomit’ something different everytime!


    • Thank you Marika, it was great serendipity finding this. Quite absorbing too, arranging the fascinatingly diverse ‘vomit’ pieces ..certainly a good ‘wash handies’ was in order afterwards.
      All the best with sorting the health issues 😉


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