Work No. 474, The Persistence of Addiction II

c. MIchael St.Mark 2011

( Junk food junkies in line for their lunchtime fix,  paying obeisances to the god of obesity.)


4 thoughts on “Work No. 474, The Persistence of Addiction II

  1. couldn’t have put it better myself! 😀

    We have 2 Greggs shops in town and they never appear to be empty no matter what time you pass by. Why can’t people see what they are doing to themselves via what they put into their mouths? Is it a case of they think it’ll never happen to them or do they just not care anyway. I’m sure they will one day though when they either have a heart attack due to all the junk food they’ve eaten or develop diabetes as a consequence of obesity. Perhaps the government does nothing because if the NHS is brought to its knees they can say it’s not working and then privatise it——what a terrible thought.


    • I sometimes feel I’m giving myself a coronary with the rage I feel about this issue Mrs B. And why the hell don’t people wake the f*k up to what’s being done to them? Cant get my poor sore head around it.


    • Indeed Christine, and it goes to show how highly addictive these white flour and sugar combo products are – that people are prepared to lengthy que to quell the craving. It’s tragic too that school kids are being unsuspectingly sucked in to a lifetime of obesity and misery.
      Greggs = legalized ‘food’ drug dealers.
      Successive governments stand by and do next to nothing – precisely because their friends are on the money-for-nothing boards of directors of the food giants.
      And the Health Ministers’ rewards? Once out of office they’re often shoehorned in to join them or the board of an associated company.
      Its called working the system, no matter that the health of millions is blighted and the NHS gets stretched to breaking.

      Politicians – By and large what a shower of shameless bastards.


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