Work 500; High Tide of Limestone

5802869_224aacc1a0_oHigh Tide of Limestone
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Birkrigg common; Furness, Cumbria

Poem integral to the Work

Once upon a Carboniferous Period time
COMPRESSEDSHELLSBONES of billions of wee sea creatures
made the sea bed, then
were lifted high into the sky
by gargantuan planetry forces
a millimetre a year…….
over millions of years…….

I sit for a minute upon on this ancient gray graveyard in the sky
contemplating eternity while
digesting a Milky Way

M. St.M ( the Dada geology teacher )

( click to bring the tide in )


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10 thoughts on “Work 500; High Tide of Limestone

  1. Modest too eh! πŸ˜€

    It’s a magical place on Birkrigg, all those years of history under your feet. Hard to take in really that so much time has passed and yet nothing has hardly changed there.


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