Work No. 639: Elsewhere Tube

Elsewhere Tube ( after Charles Rice Goff III)
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

( London underground, Bakerloo line, c. 6pm weekday)



Social commentary work on the human need to be transported elsewhere mentally whilst being transported physically aboard a highly uncomfortable mode with no views except to fellow passengers’ expressionless faces.



Available in a signed limited edition of 50 premium giclee prints onto Ilford Pearl.
20″ X 20″
Unframed. £200

purchase details,

Elsewhere experience

6 thoughts on “Work No. 639: Elsewhere Tube

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  2. I can’t help but look at the people on this tube and wonder where they’ve been, where are they going and what are they thinking about! People watching at it’s best this one.

    If i was sat there i may be thinking ‘is their life ok, do they have enough money, are they healthy? Have they a happy family life waiting for them at home with 2.4 children etc or is a small, scruffy bedsit in Grim towers and a banquet of beans on toast their only comfort for the night?

    Thought provoking indeed.


    • Seems they’re away with the media fairies Mrs B, whether it be checking messages, listening to i player or reading the Metro etc.
      But yes, sure – there are certain personal practicalities awaiting at the end of the track.


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