Work No. 679; The dead footplatemens union

dead footplatemens union
The Dead Footplatemens Union
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

A section of highly worn metal staircase within a dated passenger tunnel at Sloane Square underground
station. Constructed during the very early 20th C and subject to constant daily foot traffic that must now
total billions of individual footfalls; much of the metal plate wear & tear apparent today doubtless caused
by long dead tourists and commuters scurrying to board trains or exit the station.
Interestingly, the plate erosion is focused on six specific areas, forming a kind of continually evolving
unconscious artwork – the two patches of wear in the foreground mainly from descending feet impacting
at speed,  the two further on from where feet are shuffled and re-positioned ready to descend the next
flight… and the two smaller eroded areas on the top step of the far staircase likely caused by the more
precise steps of ascending passengers.
The compacted aggregate of memory stretching over decades, of a technologically and culturally
defunct era is palpable in the brief silences between trains and travellers…

Signed edition of 50 C-Type prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper
20″ x 15″ ( unframed )

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Work no. 678; Bazinga! King of the Underground

Bazinga, king of the underground
BAZINGA!  King of the Underground
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

( London Underground, Piccadilly Line eastbound carriage. )

Social commentary work

People with scant regard for others’ personal space by the same token would also struggle to empathize with people on a range of other issues.


London Dada quickview archival website 2005 – 2013

Work No. 639: Elsewhere Tube

Elsewhere Tube ( after Charles Rice Goff III)
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

( London underground, Bakerloo line, c. 6pm weekday)



Social commentary work on the human need to be transported elsewhere mentally whilst being transported physically aboard a highly uncomfortable mode with no views except to fellow passengers’ expressionless faces.



Available in a signed limited edition of 50 premium giclee prints onto Ilford Pearl.
20″ X 20″
Unframed. £200

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Elsewhere experience