NEW DADA Work no 326 " When the van’s a’ rockin’…"

When the van's a' rockin'
When the Van’s a’ Rockin’ Don’t Come a’ Knockin’
( Patterdale, Cumbria )
c. 2008 MSt.M

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5 thoughts on “NEW DADA Work no 326 " When the van’s a’ rockin’…"

  1. But he could be indulging the solitary pursuit of boiling an egg inside his van on a one ring calor gas thing listenin’ to Heart FM!

    Unless that’s semtex in them thar drums!


    • This being England, you’re probably closer to the truth than what most of us would secretly wish to be up to all day long, in our wildest fantasies, eggy.

      Besides, I would imagine a lady would feel quite insulted at being led to that by the groom as his “Lake District holiday cottage for two” prenuptial promise.
      Still, there’s a recession on and all that…


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