NEW DADA Work 269, A Hamulec Trilogy, posted

Old Moore’s Armeniac Trilogy
Copyright by Hektor Hamulec, 2007
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What doth the future beholde for you? In this, a work of three parts, the Great Sage, Sir Armeniac of Moore hath betolde the futyre and reslendent in his breeme hath done perkaekan this place to fine it a home.” – Hektor Hamulec

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HH’s blog of magnifico resplendent ramblings, the like of which is guaranteed to reel your head innards in an anywhich DADA way direction.

If you’re tired of poring tiresome plain old English, Hektor’s dappled world of Dada’esque palomino chevalry will transport your mind into a magical realm of beautifil delerium without the involement of any chemical toxicity whatso the ever.

Quite the tonic for a January storm and misery-lashed little island.

( By gum I enjoyed writing that!)