Iraq 10 years on – Lest we Forget; Blair / Parliament’s War Guilt

Re-post of work 550, 10 years on from the start of the Iraq conflict

” Blair, assisted by the lying, forging wretch Alistair Campbell without scruples or conscience, painted bullseyes with the blood of British soldiers and of, as it turned out over a million innocent Iraqi men women and children,  around ” WMD intelligence” darts that he knew full well were way outside the reality dartboard – all to soak his future Savile Row pockets with dirty oil money” – Michael St.Mark

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Work 550. Remembrance Day – Lest we Forget Parliament’s war guilt.
by Michael St.Mark, 11th November 2011

Mixed media digital collage

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Alongside remembering the fallen from the two wars of 1914-18 and 1939-44, the artist asks that we remember the responsibility that Parliament should have in ensuring war is an absolute last resort as opposed to what’s actually transpired during the past 10 years – MPs tamely waving through highly questionable legislation, each in order to protect their own long-term political careers at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in foreign lands.
( RIP Robin Cook MP, one of the few along with Jeremy Corbyn, Tony Benn and some Liberals with principles )

* This London Dada moral protest artwork is dedicated to the 564 British soldiers killed and nearly 10,000 injured to date in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, that were jointly instigated by the GW Bush-appeasing Tony Blair, based on transparently dodgy evidence of WMD / terrorist threat.
The two subsequent phony and illegal wars approved in Parliament by typically spineless MPs from both main parties, 2002/3.

London Dada propose new accountability legislation that decrees any future Prime Minister taking this country to war must personally serve alongside front line troops for a minimum of six weeks after commencement of hostilities

Cenotaph Blair 11.11.12

Cenotaph Blair 11.11.12

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