Work No. 698, Spirit of the Age

sprit of the age
Spirit of the Age
Michael St.Mark 2014


perspex cut-out onto which is projected a hologram of a smiling, “talking ” hospitality lady, giving a good impression of unconditional helpfulness… on a mind-numbing 10 second audio loop requesting the public not to take heavy bags onto the escalator.
Kings Cross mainline terminal, N1

Signed edition of 25 Lightjet prints onto Kodak Pro Endura
25″ x 21″
£400 ( unframed )




Hauseman MechanicalHead-Hausmann
Mechanical Head ( The spirit of our time )
  by the Dadaist Raoul Hausmann c. 1920

“.. this is a head whose “thoughts” are materially determined by objects literally fixed to it. However, there are deeper targets in western culture that give this modern masterpiece its force. Hausmann turns inside out the notion of the head as seat of reason, an assumption that lies behind the European fascination with the portrait. He reveals a head that is penetrated and governed by brute external forces. ”

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