Work No 681; Unfinished Business at St.Martins

Work No 681; Unfinished Business
 c. Michael St.Mark, December 20th 2013

Temporary found Work.
Partially completed office block, Kings Cross

A commercial mid-build at the point of exhibiting a compelling visual appeal
comprising a partially clad reinforced concrete beam support structure with
few glass sealed units fitted, workers’ external cage stations and glimpses
of an interior concrete stairwell.
A construction crane was still in situ.
With its subtle color and grid line combinations, the building pictured at that
stage possessed a quite profound semi-abstract appeal.
A stone’s throw from Central St.Martins college of art, this interesting transient
construction phase outshone the self-important pompous pretension that
passes as art
within that cronyism / nepotism ( friends, friends of friends or family )
-infested institution.

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