Work No 745: Welcome to the Machine III. Commuter Descending a Spiral Staircase

commuter descending a staircase
Welcome to the Machine III / Commuter Descending a Spiral Staircase
Michael St.Mark 2015

Metal access shaft  with helter skelter staircase ( c. 100ft  deep ) incorporating electricity power line;
London Underground;
Beckton, E. London

Third in the series; exploring alienation of the human being placed in everyday artificial environments. The urban-dwelling human being is nought but a fragile fleeting blur against his brute steel & concrete impersonal environment

Edition of 50 Chromogenic prints on Fujifilm Crystal
30″ x 21″
£400 ( unframed).

nude descending-a-staircase-no-2-1912
Nude descending a staircase
Courtesy Marcel Duchamp heirs

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