Work No. 692; Lucifer over Gaza


Lucifer over Gaza / Bibi rides out again
© Art Axis 2014

Relating to the 2014 Israel / Gaza conflict.

” Some kid fires a catapult at you because you occupied his family home by force.
You don’t even sit down and talk with him or his family about an amicable solution.
Instead you go round his family’s new slum and shoot all of them in cold blood, then burn the slum down. That’s the kind of human being we’re talking about here – and our MSM are telling us it’s justifiable and it’s  all perfectly OK ”  – Art Axis

I once saw a film called The Earth Died Screaming..


Wikipedia entry ( with balance ) ;

” Between 2,125[20] and 2,310[18] Gazans were killed and between 10,626[18] and 10,895[51] were wounded (including 3,374 children, of whom over 1,000 were left permanently disabled[52]). Gazan civilian casualty rates estimates range between 70% by the Gaza Health Ministry,[14][22][51] 65% by United Nations Protection Cluster by OCHA (based in part Gaza Health Ministry reports),[19] and 36% by Israeli officials,[53][20] The UN estimated that more than 7,000 homes for 10,000 families were razed, together with an additional 89,000 homes damaged, of which roughly 10,000 were severely affected by the bombing.[54] Rebuilding costs were calculated to run from 4-6 billions dollars, over 20 years.[55]

66 Israeli soldiers, 5 Israeli civilians (including one child)[56] and one Thai civilian were killed[14] and 469 IDF soldiers and 261 Israeli civilians were injured.[17] 


Child casualty compare;  One Israeli child sadly killed.. but 3,374  Gazan children killed or injured with Over 1000 permanently disabled,  ( links to Work No. 243; Bibi’s Proud Victory 


Hand-finished multi-stage digital manipulation & overlay collage.
Signed edition of 25 on Kodak Pro Endura 24″ x 23″


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Links to Work 119 from 2006; Bibi’s Proud Victory


* London Dada’s 2014  challenge to Banksy…

Where’s your Gaza graffiti wall then, “Mr Moral Messagenger”?

Come on, King of Stencil, show the world you’re not just another bought-off MSM careerworth playing at revolutionary.
banksy cat

* 2015 Update; The man duly obliges, not before time.