Work 666; The Beast

666 the beast
The Beast
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Found fallen Ash tree root complex in woodland, Barnet.

Signed edition of 25 giclee prints 32 ” x 28″ on Ilford Pearl
£230 ( unframed)

Although the eye may immediately “see”  the protruding head of some terrible beast, in actuality the object is obviously merely knarled, weathered, partly charred wood.  The “beast” lies within us and is projected or imputed by the mind onto the object.
In similar fashion every day we project our hopes and fears onto external objects in the world, unconsciously judging strangers by how they look, even though in reality their actual character may bear no resemblance to our imaginings. Demonizing or worshiping impersonal forms or people are two extremes or sides of the same coin of delusion that are held dear by the ego ready to pronounce in judgement over others.
In the case of the mythology behind 666, “the number of the beast”, there is no evidence to back up the many extreme claims made over the centuries;  indeed, to the contrary…

Phillips Stevens Jr., an anthropologist at the University at Buffalo, suggests that the association of “666” with disasters, evil, doomsday scenarios, and the devil are based on a “widespread misinterpretation” of Revelation 13.

Professor Stevens said:

“Like most superstitions, the avoidance of the numbers 13 and 666 are examples of magical thinking. People everywhere believe that things associated with other things, through actual contact or just some similarity, have causal relationships even over space and time. Things associated with good events or great people can bring good fortune; things associated with failure, disastrous events or evil people carry some of that negativity with them.”
He suggests that the “number of the beast” in Revelation 13 does not refer to Satan, but to one of many beasts mentioned in that passage”

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