Work No. 752: High Voltage Hovis the Homeless Angel

high voltage hovis
High Voltage Hovis, the Homeless Angel
© Michael St.Mark 2015

Street person Hovis.
Old Street, E. London

We stooped to chat with this pale and drawn little fellow, sitting next to a high tension line junction box in the drizzle ( !! ) ; ignored nay shunned by nearly all of the smartly-attired young people passing ..and asked to hear his story.

His street name is Hovis; ex-army and fell on hard times after his marriage broke down. Originally from Yorkshire, we suggested it may be a slightly better life up there..
” Yorkshire’s closed”, he replied.. ” no work”, .. “there hasn’t been much happening up there since Thatcher closed the pits in the 80s”.

So here’s a likable, friendly, humble and inoffensive guy, reduced to wrapping in a silver heat-reflector whilst squatting on a dirty damp pavement with an empty polystyrene cup for hope – and on Mothers Day of all days..

We gave him some money, shook his hand and wished him well.

Hovis may be a nobody in the eyes of the world, but he wears bright bright angel wings

We believe the first comprehensive highlight of the plight of the homeless including their background stories and the politics behind it to comprise an artwork or to be featured in the media – press or television.

‡ Update, winter 2017/ 2018;
Images of street people rough sleeping and airing of their plight and individual background stories now seriously trending in the mainstream media.

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