London Dada Work No. 244: Bibi’s Proud Victory

Bibi’s Proud Victory over Terrorism
( re-issue )

(c). Art Axis 2006 / 2018

( Found crumpled childrens’ wheelchair. Shap, Cumbria, 20.7.06 )
Fact; over half of the 400 (and counting) Lebanese civilians killed by ongoing indiscriminate Israeli bombardment are children.
( 2018 update, dozens of unarmed protesting Palestinian children being murdered in cold blood by Israeli army snipers )

The essential problem for humanity the world over, is indoctrination of sections of populations at an early age with extreme extensions of ideologies – whether it be of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Nationalism or ism of any kind.
To be prepared to die or kill for an idea from a book or scripture hundreds or thousands of years old and written by persons unknown, is the blight of our age.
Life is challenging enough without the degrading imposition on the massess – who consist essentially of reasonable peace-loving peoples – of violent and destabilising insanity by so-called authorities.

  – Michael St.Mark
Censorship by journalism is virulent in Britain and the US – and it means the difference between life and death for people in faraway countries.” – John Pilger