London Dada Work No. 528; Eerie Rock Chick

Work No. 528, Eerie Rock Chick
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

The unmistakable birdlike shape of this 5ft shard-block of Ordovician slate, along with a mottled assortment
of lichens as feathers adorning¬† its “back”, and surrounded by “eggs or eggshell”; sparked interest during a recent mountain walk.
In addition, severe dichotomy between the naturally ultra-light, exquisitely delicate structure
of the bird form that enables flight ….and this impossibly heavy lump of unquestionably earth-bound
rock assuming its bird-like disguise;¬†create primeval tensions in the intellect and emotions of the viewer and that predate Jeff Koons‘ identical heavy vs. light stainless steel Balloon Dog concept by two years.




Signed edition Giclees of this Work finally scheduled for release May 2017
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