works 653, 654, 655 & 656: The Art Gallery as Art VII – X

Tate Modern
The Art Gallery as Art VII. Tate Modern Level 3 ceiling ventilation ducts with strip lights
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Multi-stage digital image manipulation from original photograph.


Tate Modern doorway. doorway drawing
The Art Gallery as Art VIII.  Tate Modern Gallery Doorway ( & right, drawing version )
c. Michael St.Mark 2013


turbine hall ab'No1
The Art Gallery as Art  IX. Tate Modern Turbine Hall Abstraction no. 1
c. Michael St. Mark 2013


Tate Modern Staircase
AGAA X. Tate Modern Level 3 Staircase ( enhanced )
c. Michael St.Mark 2013


All images.
Signed editions of 25 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura, 20″ x 16″ & 20″ x 12″
£180 ( unframed)

* This series provides an excellent investment opportunity in a brand new art sub-genre within art, where parts of major public galleries are posited as artworks in their own right; thus negating, neutralising and democratizing the anachronistic air of exclusivity and pompous elitism pervading such institutions.

Purchase details;  Dada website

Work 612, The Dark Soul of Tate Modern

The Dark Soul of Tate Modern
c. Michael St.Mark / Art Axis 2012

Dark soul Triptych
Derived photo triptych ( actual work ) 26″ X 19″

First in a London Dada series investigating the Tate Modern tourist attraction… click to enlarge.

In the Mark Rothko room …screwing up courage for a littleYellowism vandalism?