Work 662; A Fitting Memorial

a fitting memorial
A Fitting Memorial
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Digitally enhanced appropriation collage comprising image of Mrs Thatcher strategically
superimposed over that of the collapsed Primark sweatshop factory, Dhakar Bangladesh, in April 2013 that killed over half the number of people that died in the Twin Towers tragedy – yet was conveniently swept under the media carpet and, little more than a month on, barely a mention about the catastrophe from the Sky / BBC

brainwash media monopoly. The workforce had noticed large cracks appearing in the building for days before and on the day of the collapse many “Moaning Minnies” as the Iron Lady would have called them, refused to enter the factory for fear of their lives, yet were ordered in by bosses under threat of summary dismissal. They had little choice because of nil employment rights or union protection.

This is the meat hook end-game reality of unbridled Thatcherism.

Margaret Thatcher, mother and queen of the unregulated free market and economic growth-at-any-human-cost.
Destroyer of union power and degradation of tenants’ as well as workers’ rights, humane terms & conditions.
Supervised and initiated large-scale transfer of power away from the public to the privileged rich with privatization with changes to existing law c/w introduction of punitive and restrictive new law.
The cancerous scourge of Thatcherism continuing on and ever-widening in its scope to this day under Cameron and the spineless self-serving sellout promise-breaker Clegg, through pernicious and repressive legislation quietly passed almost daily in the House of Conmen.

“Under ongoing Thatcherism, Factory = Fat Tory dictating to slave worker”

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