Work No. 749; Quest for the Holy Grail

holy grail


“The ultimate irony; we seek reality – which cannot but be ONE – in the reflection of reality ( duality).
Edition of 25 Lightjet prints on archival Kodak Pro Endura
   20″ x 17″
   £300 ( unframed )

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Work 651 revisited; photorealism artist wanted

From 2013; “In the Absence of Greatness” (The Art Gallery as Art VI )
( Digital photograph; Saatchi gallery vacant exhibit wall )


Qualified and experienced photorealism artist wanted to render the below London Dada Work in oils or acrylics.
Payment and terms on request;

the gallery as art
  In the Absence of Greatness / The Art Gallery as Art VI
   c. Michael St.Mark 2013

* Update March 2015; Science UK LTD, Damien Hirst’s holding company, is currently looking to employ photorealism artists,    presumably in preparation for the artist’s next project… Artnet news link here. 

Jack Halford, emerging young artist with a social conscience.

Homeless@Estate Agents
c. Jack Halford 2015

Artist’s comment

“We need to change this big issue, Empty houses for sale, an ageing population and yet we still have rough sleepers, sofa surfers and homeless families. You need an address to get an address, then a deposit and a guarantor if you even get that far, everything might just suddenly stop because you get judged for being homeless”

The UK urgently needs more artists prepared to reflect social realities through their art.
SFX, invocations of sensations and technical skill are fine, but it’s high time
for art to move on and also start saying something relevant, perceptive and critical about the turbulent times we’re living in. –  and for the art establishment to accept a moral upgrade must happen .. and embrace the inevitable forthcoming change. M. St.M

Work No. 749; Don’t Worry it May Never Happen

“Don’t Worry it May Never Happen”
Michael St.Mark 2015

Signed edition of 50 Cibachrome prints on Kodak Pro Endura / Aluminium
24″ H x 18″W
£ 300( unframed ) / £400

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Work No 748: Gumshoe International

gum shoe
Gumshoe International ( a Work in progress)
c. Dingo 2015

Approach to London St.Pancras International station
Photo emphasing the striding feet that are inexorably, over time, creating an ever-evolving unconscious mass public pavement spot ( spit ) artwork.

Edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura;
24″ W x 18″ H
£350 ( unframed )

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Linkback to Work 578 from 2012; Withdrawal Symptoms and invention of the concept of Unconscious Art, produced using various media on surfaces by public interactions with the urban environment over time.

Work No 747: Shouting Match

Shouting Match / The Human Condition VIII
  c. Art Axis 2015

Retouched painted-over graffiti wall, Golders Hill Park; NW11
“Graffiti doesn’t always have to be immediately obvious to make an impact ” – AA

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shouting match

Ring any bells? ( Jim Murphy laughs off protester Sean Clerkin’s verbal assault, May 2015 )
Photo courtesy Getty images