London Dada Work No. 585; Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms / Cashpoint Blues ( accidental public artwork )
c. Michael St.Mark 2012

Random assorted public finger smear marks on glass cashpoint screen, Holborn London.

Available as a unique 12″X10″ (  screen-size) signed fine art Lightjet print on Illford Pearl archival. One worldwide.
Unique opportunity to invest in the only new radical and ethical art movement in the world today.
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First in a new LD series exploring unintended art produced by unconscious accumulations of  human interactions with the environment.

Links to Work 715 from 2014; Money is a Frantic Language


” Suddenly, the world has become the gallery” – Michael St.Mark, 2012

” New York has become my gallery ” – Banksy, quote from Banksy does New York / Better Out Than In residency, 2013

” Imitation is the lowest form of art” – Michael St.Mark 2014

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unconscious paintings Rob-and-Nick-Carter

* Update Feb 2015. Rob and Nicky Carter’s ” Unconscious Paintings” by an amazing co-incidence develop the same theme of accidental art created by unconscious human interactions. ( Released 3 months ( June 2012 ) after the above seminal London Dada Work, ( March 2012)… that was itself as far as we’ve researched the first artwork in history to employ the concept of unconscious art created through a process of accumulative unconscious physical human interactions over time.

* Update 2017; Turner Prize 2017 shortlisted artist Andrea Buttner’s entry;
“Smartphone glass finger smears” ( etchings from reversed photographs re-photographed / enlarged )



Withdrawal Symptoms Monochrome Reverse
(c) Michael St.Mark 2012

Selected crop of the original Work ( top page )

London Dada; reorienting art in the 21st C.

London Dada Work no. 462; Congregation

c. Michael St.Mark 2009

.. second in the mini series focusing on DaDa as accidental art in daily life.


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Available as a native tryptic mounted photo print  55cm X 20cm & signed by the artist