Artist advisory

” It’s not people stealing my ideas that bothers me so much as them not having any of their own” – Nikola Tesla

Emerging and established artists both fine and commercial as well as mainstream media personalities are known to peruse London Dada’s extensive archives and are welcome to browse and comment; however over time some have proven to be less scrupulous than others

For the benefit of reputations and for the sake of good order please note that London Dada will highlight obvious plagiarism of ideas, concepts, musical compositions or forms from artworks appearing on this website, our Flikr pages or YouTube channel.

This won’t necessarily be limited to social media but, for example, leafleting outside galleries showing offending artists’ works as well as other peaceful yet effective methods along with taking IP lawyer advice on commencement of legal proceedings on grounds of copyright infringement.

We suggest creatively-challenged artists (or talent-starved branding agencies) take their career-building material from elsewhere if they don’t have the moral character and integrity to credit their source or influence

” Creative theft – the lowest form of art ”  TM

Michael St. Mark
London, October 25th 2005