London Dada Work 583 Through a Glass Darkly (marking ‘Occupy St.Pauls’ protesters’ eviction )

Through a Glass Darkly
( marking Occupy St.Paul’s  camp destruction & protestors’ eviction and arrest by state thugs – with full Cathedral Bishop and clergy blessings. )
c. Michael St.Mark 28/2/2012

( London Dada moral perception-protest work, featuring St Paul’s Cathedral website homepage photographed through a spirits tumbler.
Available as one only signed & dated Giclee print on archival quality paper,  12″X12″  £ 270 –  sale proceeds  to  Occupy London .
*Not available (banned) on Saatchi Online. ( Click to enlarge.)



Through-glass St. Paul’s text clarification;
Tagd I        “Glory to God in the highest house and on earth peace”
Tagd II    ” Jesus said “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations”

St Paul’s Cathedral last night with Cameron’s OTT control  goons in charge… whatever would JC have said – as he turned on his cross.
Photos courtesy of  Daily Telegraph & The Guardian

Through a glass darkly meaning.
“St. Paul talks in one of his letters to the church in Corinth (1 Cor. 13, 12) of ‘seeing through a glass darkly’. This basically means that whilst on this earth we can only have a poor glimpse of the Kingdom of God as if we are looking into a dark mirror (the ‘glass’) where the reflection is very poor ” –  Wikipedia

* Artist’s note. Conspicuous by their absence, perhaps in “holy communion” with themselves… any of St.Paul’s pampered clergy defending even the people who were there to pray, from being dragged down the steps by riot police. It seems to be more than these ecclesiastical wind bags’ pristine white collar jobs are worth, to be seen acting like a good Christian, preferring it seems to talk the Good Samaritan.

It surely would have only taken one true Christian from their midst to take a stand with the Occupy protesters, to greatly boost the anti-corporate greed movement, not to mention enhance massively public esteem for the church and the Christian community worldwide.

But not a single person from St.Pauls or the church generally had the courage of their convictions. All fine preached words with no Christian action to follow.



London Dada archive of signed limited edition Works from 2005 – present being released for investment;




Gilbert and George body poppers

Body Poppers
c. Gilbert and George 2013

( featuring distorted composite views through drinks glasses’ bottoms )

Produced the following year after Through a Glass Darkly ( above) by M. St.Mark, employing first use in art of image-distortion by means of viewing through the bottom ( npi ) of a drinks glass.
The large glass-fronted  London Dada Galerie 691 Shoreditch,  displaying Through a Glass Darkly is but a short distance from the home of the two artists and from where they often sally forth on Sunday afternoon in-tandem walkabouts, documenting life in E. London..