Work 393. Sky Newsreader Digital Deconstruct

Sky Newsreader Digital Deconstruct
© 2010  Michael St. Mark


Click to digitally enhance a digital composite Murdoch news puppet

The first in a new series exposing media frontmen and associated people who rely absolutely on digital means of  transmission of their weasel words and images to the gawping pizza-munching masses, in order to maintain “specialness” , high public profile and fame ( politicians, actors etc ) … by lifting the broadcasters’  propaganda mask of “real-ness” in analysis and scrutiny of its bare bones component parts ( by breaking down into pixelation ) that allows a glimpse into the “really real ” behind  today’s tawdry media – ie a phantasmagorical illusion of zeros and ones.

When you know the false to BE false
you will auto-know Existence – the Real, the True

– AdAdaISt



Yet another update, 8 years on to 2018 and Saatchi Art promoting digital print based painter Matthieu Leger’s work as a major new contribution to painting.
( certainly Not new.. or original – AA )